…Mr. Mayhem…

Should one meet Mr. Mayhem, should one be left to his own..? The chaos and the rage that boils blood, should it be ignored and left alone..?

What is the way..? How is it to be dealt with..? The anger and the outrage..? Of betrayal and of ridiculous existence.. Is it fair to let go when the other makes breathing taxed..?

Always have trusted ‘karma’ but is this beyond karmic justice then..? Is this a reason to meddle with the norm..? Isn’t disrespect and loathing a sin..? Isn’t there a way that the universe might conspire to work its wisdom into a benign life..?

I call for Mr. Mayhem, if there maybe such a concept, to set his course and do what is expected of him.. To intervene and make right.. Until then.. Well.. All I can wait and hope there are good days in foresight..!


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